Why Avis Philippines?

Apart from quick transfers and self-drive rentals, Avis Philippines offers long-term employee shuttle services to businesses of all types. We are highly committed to our safety pledge in ensuring that your employees are safe and secure in our vehicles. Our customer service team is available to cater to your employee shuttle needs 24/7 at

+63 977-3520129

+63 916-6669578

+63 963-6299870

+63 963-6299866

+63 961-0749436

or you can e-mail us at:




How can an employee shuttle be beneficial to your company?

Increased employee productivity & general well-being. Employees can have the flexibility of time to relax, check e-mail, or catch up on the news. They will arrive at the office already in the mood to work quickly and be productive. With the stress of commuting out of the way, employees can start their workday in the right state of mind.

Go Green. Reducing traffic congestion on the road is a big plus in helping the environment. One bus or shuttle emits less CO2 compared to individual vehicles leading to one destination or workplace. An employee shuttle is an effective way to continue to care for Mother Earth during the time of the coronavirus. This can help cut back on greenhouse emissions!

Safe alternative to public transportation. The uncertainty of being safe in taking the public transportation due to Covid-19 is worrisome. We follow safety precautions in making our transportation vehicles sanitized every trip. We strictly implement guidelines for our employees to be safe and healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shuttle Services

What types of shuttle vehicles can I book? You can choose any transportation vehicle that suits your preference. From vans to buses, we have it in our fleet. You can also opt for a regular sedan if you have smaller group of people to transport.

Do you have shuttle services nationwide? We have stations in Manila, Laguna, Pampanga, Cebu and Davao. We can provide shuttle services in all of these locations. You can call our stations for direct transactions!

How much does it cost? The cost of your corporate shuttle service will depend on the length of time and vehicle that you will book. You may call +63 977 352 0129 or e-mail us through customercare@avis.com.ph for inquiries and quotation!

Are your vehicles safe and sanitized? Yes! We strictly follow the health organizations in sanitizing our vehicles. Our transportation vehicles are immensely sanitized every trip. Our chauffeurs are provided with mask and alcohol. We ensure that our employees are in good condition when coming to work.

Do you have social media accounts that we can message? Yes! You can message us on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Our customer service are available 24/7. You can also follow us on LinkedIn.