We at Avis are dedicated & committed to
world class customer service.

We also continually reach out for opportunities to serve you even better.
Our CUSTOMER CARE Group has created a channel for your reservations,
concerns and any other assistance related to your transportation requirements
so we can serve you in an efficient & effective way.

You may get in touch with us anytime any day thru any of the following:

   SCAN QR, To visit our Facebook Page.

  • Mobile: (6:00am-3:00pm): +639.504.395608
    •               (10:00am-7:00pm): +639.389.739154

    •               (2:00pm-11:00pm): +639.560.261547 | +639.610.749436

    •               (9:00pm-6:00am): +639.612.963389 | +639.458.831898

  • e-Mail: |